Wednesday, July 23, 2008

you know you from the highway if


You know you are a true Route 1 kid if you remember:

1) You know of the homeless man who lived in Hybla Valley for the over 20 years. He used to wear the heavy trench coat all year round, even in 100 degree weather. Used to get on the bus and just ride up and down the highway. (May he rest in peace!!!)

2) You remember when Bryant was a Junior High School before it became a school where the bad kids, pregnant kids, drug-using kids, and expelled kids go.

3) You know that Bryant is also the hub where immigrants become US citizens every few months.

4) You got your first taste of independence at Beacon Mall. You remember the $1.00 movie theater - which had floors so sticky - and played movies that had already been on video for a year. You had your first "date" there.

4) You bought all your tapes and records from Waxie Maxie's.

5) You got your first pager from Service Merchandise!!

6) School shopping was done faithfully every year at either Zayre's before it became Kmart

7) You are not racist. If you were, you'd have no friends. You can relate to everyone, and you are probably also mixed yourself.

8) You remember when Multiplex used to be a Drive-In and you could sit accross the street at the Bus Stop and watch the movies while reading the lips of the actors.

9) You go sledding at Bucknell Elementary every winter.

10) You begged your parents to drop you off at Springfield Mall every weekend (after Beacon Mall closed down of course)

11) You remember Godfathers Pizza and Shakeys

12) You know that from Red Roof Inn to the WW bridge, there are always hookers.

13) You ate at Po'Folks as a child and played the peg game on the table.

14) You remember Walt Whitman before it became Islam Saudi Academy, Funt Hunt before it became Carl Sandburg, and Groveton before it became West Potomac.

15) Go-Go Bands playing at Chuck-E-Cheese

16) Go-Go Bands playing at the Gum Springs Gym

17) Winter Football Games in the big field in front of Mt. Vernon Square.

18) Rite-Aid at Beacon Mall used to be Dixie Pig

19) Go-Go's at the Mustache Cafe

20) 7 Woods started out with 4 dudes sitting on the generator and they looked up at the street signed and 1 of them joking said "Hey, we from 7 Woods". It was just a street name.

21) if you were good your ma would take you to Juvenile sales or Al's ice cream

how the fuck do we do this shit